Skin Time Machine

Blemishes on the skin such as scars, open pores, dark spots, wrinkles, loose or saggy skin, and stretch marks cannot always be covered with makeup. And for in-person encounters, we cannot turn to filters or photo editing apps to hide them.

Fortunately, there’s Skin Philosophie’s Skin Time Machine. It combines two groundbreaking procedures:
The Cutera Pearl Fractional Laser and
Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)
The Cutera Pearl is a more advanced type of fractional laser. It removes damaged and scarred tissues that cause dents or bumps on the skin to reveal the “baby skin” underneath that’s smoother! It also causes skin contraction to tighten depressions or elevations on the skin surface, giving it a more even appearance.

It also blasts away the dead skin cells that contain dark pigments to expose the new skin underneath that’s fairer. In addition, it stimulates collagen formation to push the sunken portions of the skin up to further refine the skin texture. And as a bonus because of its ability to induce contraction of loose skin, it is considered a type of Non-Surgical Facelift and body tightening procedure! The machine is perfect for treating scars, open pores, dark spots, wrinkles, loose or saggy skin, and stretch marks!

PRP is all-natural as it is derived from the patient’s own blood. It is full of growth factors that rejuvenate skin cells. It is best administered after the Cutera Pearl because of its enhanced penetration since this laser opens up several skin channels. PRP helps the skin heal faster and boosts the production of new collagen.

Both the Cutera Pearl and PRP can be administered individually as stand-alone treatments. But when used in tandem, their benefits are not just added up but are rather exponentially amplified! With the combined healing powers of the BEST fractional laser device in the industry and the natural healing properties of growth factors from PRP, expect excellent results from Skin Philosophie!