SKIN PHILOSOPHIE is an upmarket aesthetic and wellness clinic offering a holistic approach to health and beauty. We integrate Medical Aesthetics with Functional Medicine. The latter is an evidence-based scientific type of Integrative & Holistic Medicine intended to treat patients not only externally but also from the inside. We complement our cosmetic and health-boosting procedures with lifestyle interventions which include proper nutrition, supplementation, sleep, exercise, and stress management. Our clinic is a haven for patients of all genders who are aiming to look good and feel better about themselves.

We regard excellent skincare as an alliance of expert knowledge in aesthetic medicine, cutting-edge technology, and a genuine interest to improve the quality of life of patients. And we passionately strive to deliver all three. We offer the best in the industry without the exorbitant price tag. That’s what makes Skin Philosophie an affordable luxury brand. We endeavor to deliver value for money.

Our portfolio of services includes ScarRepair, Hair Regrowth Therapy, Acne ElectroSurgery, our bestselling Laser Genesis, Cutera Pearl Fractional Laser (which treats scars, open pores, and stretch marks), laser hair removal, non-surgical facelift and noselift, face slimming, eye bag removal, Botox ®, skin whitening and body contouring among others. We have a wide array of treatment options that suit every person’s specific aesthetic goals, lifestyle, and budget.

To boost the efficacy of our treatments and maintain the overall results, Dr. Kyla recommends topical preparations or oral supplements. These can either be purchased in-clinic or from our website. Our most sought-after products are those that are designed for whitening the skin, restoring hair on bald spots, and fighting acne. We also have immune system boosters and anti-aging concoctions.

Allow us to help you optimize your health and to reignite your confidence!