Sebaceous Hyperplasia ElectroSurgery

The yellowish or flesh-colored bumps with a central tiny pit surrounded by yellowish lobules on the nose are actually sebaceous hyperplasia. They are often mistaken for scars. These lumps are comprised of enlarged oil glands. They can also crop up on the forehead and the cheeks.

While laser and cautery can reduce their size, they tend to go back after some time because these two treatment modalities merely shave off the top portion of the lumps.

At Skin Philosophie, we offer Sebaceous Hyperplasia ElectroSurgery instead. It gets to the root of the problem unlike laser and cautery.

Using a microneedle, radio frequency (RF) heat is directly delivered to the tissue layers where the enlarged oil glands are located. Since it has deeper penetration, it produces more permanent flattening of the lumps. The upper part of the microneedle is insulated to ensure that no heat goes to the skin surface to protect it from damage.

For a smoother nose texture, let’s zap those sebaceous hyperplasia away!