Nose ScarRepair

Bad cases of acne lead to scars and open pores. Nose surgeries likewise often lead to scar tissues that appear as deep dots, creases, and elevations on the skin.

ScarRepair utilizes a revolutionary medical device that penetrates deeper than fractional lasers. This makes it ideal for deeper scars like icepick scars and boxcar scars can also flatten elevated scars. It works by vaporizing scar tissues to correct textural irregularities. It also promotes the synthesis of new collagen to push the skin up and further resurface the skin.

The success of the treatment depends not only on the technological advancement of the machine but also on the technique by which the device is utilized.

Skin Philosophie’s ScarRepair involves a special treatment protocol developed by Dr. Kyla Talens to yield superior results! Entrust your scar removal only to our clinic.