Got fuzzy or coarse hair on parts of the face or body where you don’t want them to be? Allow us to help you tame or get rid of them.

Not all lasers are created equal! At Skin Philosophie, we use the time-tested Cutera Xeo to permanently remove unwanted hair in specific areas of the face or body. It kills hair follicle cells more efficiently and more effectively than IPLs and other brands of laser. Since Cutera is a top-tier brand of laser from the US, desired results are achieved with a fewer number of sessions, making our device a more economical choice!

The laser beams selectively target hair while leaving the skin undamaged. This feature makes it safe for all skin types. Aside from making the treated area hairless, it also smoothens chicken skin texture. It also helps improve dark discolorations.

Whether it’s your beard, your underarms, your intimate area or any other part that you wish to groom, go for our more advanced laser hair removal system!