Laser Facial

Looking for a facial that has cleansing, curative and preventive benefits?

The Laser Facial is a combination of our best-selling Laser Genesis and Signature Facial. Laser Genesis heats up the sebaceous glands to reduce skin oiliness and prevent breakouts. It also helps tighten open pores caused by stretching of the hair follicle by blackheads, whiteheads and pimples. On top of that, it also erases red and dark acne marks.

The Signature Facial allows the skin to breathe by removing the buildup of dead skin cells and oil that clog pores. It is inclusive of a relaxing lymphatic massage which aids in the drainage of toxins from the skin. Galvanic toning is also part of the procedure which stimulates facial muscles.

Experience the multiple benefits of Laser Genesis yourself and discover why it’s our bestseller! And by upgrading to a Laser Facial, your skin’s gonna feel cleaner and more pampered with all the steps included in our Signature Facial.