Korean Glass Skin Injections

If you don’t have the time to go through a few sessions of machine-assisted skin resurfacing treatments, here’s a faster solution to scars, open pores, wrinkles, and sagging skin for you! With our Korean Glass Skin Injections, skin smoothening is already apparent a few days after the procedure. What’s more? You see further refinement of the skin texture and complexion in 1 to 3 months after the procedure while newer collagen gets formed.

This innovative injectable improves skin quality by nourishing the skin from the inside out. It works by delivering intense hydration to the dermis which stretches the skin surface to even out superficial depressions such as scars, open pores, and wrinkles. It also enhances the elasticity of the skin through stimulation of collagen production to lift sagging portions.

Imagine yourself possessing supple and poreless skin with a luminous glow... Make it a reality with Skin Philosophie’s Korean Glass Skin Injections!