Hair Loss Lifestyle Programme

Oftentimes, there is an underlying medical issue that causes excessive hair fall. Aside from genetic factors, common culprits are nutritional deficiencies, hormonal imbalances, and autoimmunity.

Instead of relying on pharmacologic drugs, it is better to treat the root of the problem through lifestyle modification. To prove our point, haven’t you noticed that you shed more hair when you’re stressed, when you’re not eating right or when you don’t get enough sleep?
The lifestyle plan involves supplementation, specific diets, good sleeping habits, and stress management.

Even with strict compliance to a lifestyle program though, it usually takes a while for the hair to normalize. To fast-track the regrowth of hair on spots that are balding, it’s best to undergo our hair restoration procedures concomitantly with the lifestyle programme.
Don’t wait for all the hair to fall off before starting your hair therapy!