Fingers or Toes

Some of us may grow hair on the knuckles, fingers or toes. Scientists and professionals in the medical field say it is largely because of genes.

If you’re someone who pays particular attention to detail, you may want to include finger and toe grooming in your aesthetic goals. Most people shave, wax or use depilatories to get rid of the unsightly hair. But these procedures have their risks and results are not long-lasting.

At Skin Philosophie, we use the Cutera Xeo Laser to more permanently kill hair follicle cells. Cutera is a time-tested brand of laser from the US with a long track record of producing topnotch technology. With this more powerful laser hair removal system, you need a lesser number of sessions (VS IPLs and cheaper lasers) so you get to save time, effort and money!

Zap off the hair in these areas for good. Book Skin Philosophie’s Cutera Laser Hair Removal.