DR. KYLA TALENS, M.D., DCD, MSc Professional Profile

professional profile

At the helm of Skin Philosophie is Dr. Kyla Talens, an aesthetic dermatologist, and functional medicine doctor. Dr. Talens completed her Doctor of Medicine degree at the University of the Philippines College of Medicine, the most prestigious medical institution in the country. She acquired her dermatology specialty training at Cardiff University in the United Kingdom. In Cardiff, she gained knowledge and experience in medical dermatology through the programs crafted by Dr. Andrew Finlay who is noted for his pioneering research on the impact of skin disorders on people’s lives. Cardiff University is the oldest medical school in Wales and one of the UK’s leading teaching and research universities (one of the top 24 leading research universities in the UK).

“In Cardiff, the Master’s programs I’ve attended taught us to focus on the quality of life of the patients. We take into consideration the psychological distress, emotional burden and social issues brought about by the patients’ skin problems. As an aesthetic doctor and having gained a degree in psychology prior to becoming a doctor, I have to address the patients’ physical concerns in conjunction with their mental, emotional and social well-being to improve their overall quality of life”, she explains.

Dr. Talens received her Fellowship in Dermatologic Laser Surgery from Ramathibodi Hospital – Mahidol University in Thailand. She chose to undergo her fellowship course at Mahidol University because aside from being ranked as one of the top two universities in Thailand, it is also well-known for medical aesthetic training and research. Her experience in aesthetic medicine from Thailand strongly complements her background in medical dermatology from Cardiff.

And being at the forefront of new knowledge and latest technologies, Dr. Talens further honed her competencies in several places around the globe. She keeps abreast of the latest global trends by attending international conventions and by undergoing training overseas with foreign mentors. She even took courses in Functional Medicine to adopt a more integrative and holistic approach to treating cosmetic issues — because there is an undeniable need to address the root of the problem which is usually nutrition-, sleep-, exercise- or stress-related!
Dr. Talens’ training and expertise allow her to provide effective solutions to a wide range of skin concerns. Her global perspective gives her an edge in dealing with the needs of a more diversified patient group across varied skin types.

Complementing her skilled hands are modern equipment and the most advanced dermatologic products on the market. The breadth of the clinic facilities ensures that she can give patients the foremost answers to their skincare needs.

In this field, having the most advanced devices, instruments and products definitely provide a huge advantage. But these are not the only determinants of treatment success. It is very important for the doctor to know, first and foremost, how to deliver optimum results while balancing them with safety considerations. Aside from these, the patient’s preferences and resources also have to be taken into account.

Dr. Kyla also incorporates her creative and artistic inclinations into her practice. She stresses that “It is of paramount importance for a doctor to have a keen eye for symmetry and proportion so that results look natural after procedures”.