Boyzilian | Brazilian (Manscaping | Designer Bush)

Liberate yourself from pubes that may peek out when you don your favorite undergarments or swimsuits. A hassle-free grooming regimen for the bush down there is called Brazilian or Boyzilian laser hair removal. It eliminates the need for shaving or waxing every now and then. It keeps your privates clean-looking and smelling fresh every day!

At Skin Philosophie, we use the Cutera Xeo Laser to more permanently kill hair follicle cells. Cutera is a time-tested brand of laser from the US with a long track record of producing topnotch technology. With this more powerful laser hair removal system, you need a lesser number of sessions (VS IPLs and cheaper lasers) so you get to save time, effort and money!

As an option, we can make your privates totally hair-free. Alternatively, we can also customise the shape of your bush. Popular patterns include the landing strip, the triangle, the half-moon, etc.

Whether it’s for yourself or for a partner, make grooming of your intimate area a priority. Unleash your inner sexiness through Boyzilian/Brazilian laser hair removal.