Anti-Acne Facial

Our Anti-Acne Facial effectively removes zits without painful pricking. Because of this, it has little to no downtime!

The procedure starts with thorough cleansing using a hypoallergenic cleanser. It is accompanied by a relaxing lymphatic massage to help drain toxins from the skin. Galvanic toning comes next which stimulates facial muscles. It's followed by a potent, medical-grade glycolic acid peel that declogs pores. The latter makes it easier to remove superficial blackheads and whiteheads using an electronic scrubber which is the succeeding step in this facial.

Glycolic acid also provides the additional benefit of lightening acne marks by exfoliating pigment-laden dead skin cells and impurities. There is no visible peeling afterwards.

Finally, a charcoal mask is applied to absorb excess oil on the skin surface for prevention of future breakouts. Charcoal is also useful in detoxifying the skin.
Get this comprehensive acne treatment every month to achieve clearer, brighter and healthier skin!