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Skin Lightening (Face & Body)


Kensington Brightening Deep Peel

This peel removes melanin-laden cells that lie in the deeper layers of the skin which more superficial peels cannot reach.  It is one of the best peels for stubborn pigmentary problems such as melasma and underarm darkening.  This in-clinic procedure is also a favorite of patients who want full body skin brightening.  For best results, it has to be complemented with topical agents.

It is much more aggressive than AHA peels that cause little or micro-exfoliation only.  The skin typically sloughs off in sheets for a few days to a few weeks after this procedure.  Because of the deeper nature of the resulting exfoliation, better treatment outcomes are observed.  Patients just need to put up with the downtime but it is definitely worth it!

Price – Starts at P 1,150


Bloomsbury Rejuvenating Peel for Women &

Knightsbridge Rejuvenating Peel for Men

Both treatments use AHAs to gently exfoliate the skin.  With repeated treatments, they gradually lighten dark spots on the face and other trouble spots on the body.  They are best coupled with topical regimens for full body skin lightening.

Patients who cannot afford the downtime of deeper peels prefer these AHA treatments.  Patients can see their skin becoming more radiant right before their very eyes during these quick procedures!

Price – Starts at P 1,120


Ionto-Infusion and Sono-Infusion

Topical preparations are invaluable in skincare.  Ionto-Infusion and Sono-Infusion facilitate intensive delivery of powerful antioxidants and depigmenting agents to the deeper layers of the skin.  Ionto-Infusion uses electrical current while Sono-Infusion employs low-frequency ultrasound.  These technologies ensure that therapeutic compounds efficiently reach the deeper layers of the skin for optimum utilization by the skin cells.

A fresher and glowing complexion is achieved right after the treatment.

Price – Starts at P 700

Skin Polish + Elixir of Life

First, the build-up of dead skin cells are removed using a high-powered diamond microdermabrasion machine or a fragrant scrub – whichever you prefer.  This primes the skin for the next step which involves the administration of the Elixir of Life, a special topical formulation designed to nourish and lighten the skin.

For best results, a full body treatment is highly recommended.  You can opt, however, to have the treatment administered on specific problem areas only.

Instantly give the skin a luminous and refined look with this combination treatment.

Price – Starts at P 1,150


IV Glutathione

Administration of this valuable anti-oxidant enables the body to more proficiently combat free radicals.  Free radicals are highly reactive molecules that harm cells.  Glutathione has also been found to boost the immune system.  The fact that it also makes the skin fairer and more luminous is the icing on the cake.

Price – Starts at P 1,500


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