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Laser Treatments

Experience the ultimate in Immaculate Correction™ with the 

Palomar® Lux 1540 & Lux R.


Lux 1540 Erbium Glass Fractional Laser

Skin Philosophie UK utilises medical-grade Palomar® fractional laser technology that’s available only to a handful of experts in the country.  The machine delivers an array of high-precision microbeams to repair damaged tissue by coagulating the deeper layers of the skin and stimulating natural collagen and elastin production to improve the skin’s tone and texture.  It’s the cost-effective choice for skin resurfacing, tightening and depigmentation with faster healing and minimal side effects.

Fractional Laser Resurfacing

Erase textural imperfections on virtually any trouble spot on the body at any age.  It is the perfect solution to:

    – scars

    – wrinkles

    – open pores

    – stretch marks

Make perfect skin a reality!


Laser Facelift

Nobody wants to look old and tired.  For those who fear surgeries, this laser facelift is for you.  It repairs loose skin through stimulation of natural collagen synthesis.  It makes the contours of the face smooth by correcting deep folds and creases like:

    – deep nasolabial folds

    – Marionette lines

    – crow’s feet

Reinvigorate the skin and revive your natural beauty.


Laser Depigmentation

It is a good adjunctive therapy for pigmentary problems such as melasma, sun damage, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, blotchy skin and more.  For best results, combine this with topical regimens and chemical peels.


* 5-10 sessions of fractional laser treatment, 1-2 months apart are typically recommended.  Response to treatment varies from person to person.  This is largely dependent on the nature of the skin problem, the patient’s lifestyle and the body’s health condition.  For example, 1-3 sessions can already produce satisfying results if the scar is less than one year old and the patient is a non-smoker and free from medical illnesses.

Price – Starts at Php 3,250.00


Laser Hair Removal

Palomar ® Lux R permanently kills hair follicle cells that generate hair unlike cheap IPLs in the market that merely make the hair thinner without destroying the root cause of hair growth.  And with Palomar®’s groundbreaking Contact CoolingTM and Smooth PulseTM technology, hair removal is achieved with greater comfort and lesser risk for complications.

The Lux R’s microbeams primarily destroy hair follicles and the hair shaft, and secondarily targets pigment-containing skin cells.  Patients are pleasantly surprised to see that hyperpigmentation is also lessened after a few sessions.  In addition, “chicken skin” is also addressed.

Liberate yourself from the need to constantly shave and wax.  Save yourself the cost and trouble of having to go through multiple ineffective treatments.  Reveal clear and silky skin that’s ready to bare every day and all year long with Palomar Lux R.

* 4-10 sessions of Lux R treatment are typically recommended.  The bikini area responds the fastest while the upper lip usually responds relatively more slowly.  The procedure is administered 4-8 weeks apart.

Price – Starts at Php 2,260.00


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