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Body Contouring

Contouring your body is no sweat!  Sculpt and tone your way to your ideal frame.

Therma-Conductive Body Sculpting

Exercise and diet are two of the key components of a healthy lifestyle. Oftentimes though, these are not enough to trim stubborn problem areas. This body sculpting treatment is ideal for areas that are particularly difficult to target such as the lower abdomen, love handles, and inner thighs, among others.

Radiofrequency (RF) energy is delivered to the fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue to increase their metabolism.  Localized fat deposits are reduced by releasing fatty acids (liquid fat) which are subsequently disposed of naturally from the system through the blood and lymphatics. Fat cells eventually shrink leading to reduction in circumference of the treated area.

RF also reduces cellulite.  Further, it tightens the skin through stimulation of natural collagen production.  That way, sagging is minimized as you slim down.

At least 10 treatments 3 to 4 days apart are needed to deliver more obvious results.  Just like tummy tuck and liposuction, the Therma-Conductive Body Sculpting treatment has to be coupled with diet and exercise for you to keep the fat off.  RF destroys fat that is already there. But if you keep on overeating, new fat will be deposited.

Price – Starts at P 2,800

Nutritional Counseling

Dieting is oftentimes challenging. Fad diets may work but rebounds are common.  After keeping the fat off only for a short while, people usually go back to their old eating habits. Allow us to suggest ways for you to eat right without making you feel deprived.

Price – Starts at P 1,000

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